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About the Alters: Rin

1. Name: Rin (and no before anyone asks I did not “name” her after any vocaloid or anime character; she liked the name so she kept it)
2. Age: 16
3. Gender: Female
4. Sexual orientation: Pansexual
5. Function within the system: I actually don’t know what her function is. She’s just kinda there. Very bouncy and bubbly. But whenever she is around I feel a bit more cheerful, so maybe her purpose is to make me feel better?
6. Appearance (describe or use celebrity/fictional character): Well, I don’t have a very clear image. But I know she has short shoulder length hair and will wear very brightly colored clothes. She is also relatively short.
7. Hobbies/interests: Teasing people and climbing things (I have a huge fear of heights so this does not work out well for me). 
8. Dislikes: Not being able to come out and “play”
9. Favorite music: Very bouncy upbeat songs that she can dance along to. She hates anything that sounds too sad.
10. Other interesting facts: She has a tendency to repeat words over and over as if she is trying to get used to saying it. She has a high pitched voice and giggles at everything.
11. Something that happens often when this person fronts: THINGS WILL BE CLIMBED. IF ANYTHING CAN BE CLIMBED, IT WILL BE CLIMBED.

Rin sounds a lot like a toddler, or young child, even though she’s 16. I am afraid of heights, too! I’m glad she makes you happy and cheers you up. We all need someone like that in our system. If only I could make mine (Chelsea) front on command.


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Excerpt from first day of “system meetings”

I have decided to share a bit from the journal that my alters and I used as a chat room-type space to discuss issues within the system. Day 1 did not go very well. I typed up everything exactly as each alter wrote it or said it on the inside and resisted all urges to fix any grammar or syntax errors.

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teawithagent67 said:

Guess what. Today I have a mocha frappe. :))))

YES. I’m about to pop open one myself. :D 

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snowythegryph said:

Is it possible for the same system to do more than one submission? The fledgling told me about the submission she did of me, and I thought it would be a good idea to do one of her in return. -Alex

Absolutely! Please do. :)

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About the Alters: Dylan

1. Name: Dylan
2. Age: 16-20
3. Gender: Male (somewhat androgynous presentation)
4. Sexual orientation: Unsure, but definitely likes masculine people and genderpunk people
5. Function within the system: I’m not actually sure?
6. Appearance (describe or use celebrity/fictional character): He’s dark-skinned, but has sort of a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-era Gerard Way sort of style? Straightened hair, makeup, black nailpolish, etc.
7. Hobbies/interests: Music, setting things on fire in controlled environments, going for walks, drawing, debating, sweets, American Horror Story.
8. Dislikes: Pop music, math, presenting as the host.
9. Favorite music: My Chemical Romance, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate, Nickasaur, newer Fall Out Boy music, etc.
10. Other interesting facts: Dylan was actually the one to kick my [the host’s] ass into gear regarding taking care of the system. He tends to be the one who ends up pulling me out of those intense bouts of self-doubt. He’s definitely the most confrontational one here, but he’s done a lot of good for the system.
11. Something that happens often when this person fronts: When I come back, our nails have usually been painted, there are empty cans of soda, and we’re sick from all the sweets he thought he should eat. 

@theoaktreesystem It’s so nice to hear about Dylan! I’m glad he was there to pull you through the self-doubt and remind you to take care of the system. Sometimes the most confrontational alters will be the most helpful, since they help you deal with things you wouldn’t have dealt with on your own. They are the motivators of the system. 

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About the Alters


Saw this on queendopamine's blog and decided to do it.

Name: Emily Valencia

Age: 23

Birthday: October 7th

Gender: Female

Age Slider: No

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual with an admittance for liking to look at other women’s butts and crossdress under the right conditions.

Function within the System: Guardian, now host and still Leader of my bunch.

Appearance: 5’5” tall, medium, muscular frame, long brown hair, brown eyes, three scars over the right shoulder and one down the left side of face eyebrow to jawline.

Likes: Coffee, Mocha Frappe’s in the morning, waking up next to my boyfriend a-dreamers-step-into-transition, staff training, music, smoking pot, my boyfriend, crocheting, playing Pokemon or Harvest Moon.

Dislikes: jackasses named Kyle, (the host’s biological father is the reason for my existence.) abusive parents, being told what to do, (only I can give orders)

Favorite Music: Evanescence, Rise Against, Emenim, Katy Perry

Other interests: psychology, DID Advocate,

OH MY ASKFDJASLFKJ I love mocha frapps!!!! They are literally my life. Like, I do not exaggerate. They are my life. Life does not exist without mocha fraps.

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About the Alters: Ame

1. Name: Ame (it means rain in Japanese)
2. Age: 21
3. Gender: agender (or possibly genderqueer)
4. Sexual orientation: asexual
5. Function within the system: Role is basically a protector. They will switch with me when the situation gets too difficult for me to handle.
6. Appearance (describe or use celebrity/fictional character): They haven’t given me a clear image of what they look like.
7. Hobbies/interests: None that she has told me about.
8. Dislikes: Imbalance and conflict. 
9. Favorite music: Any kind that has a cello or violin
10. Other interesting facts: She doesn’t verbally talk too often, but if she does she might have a slight english accent if not full on.
11. Something that happens often when this person fronts: When she fronts she will normally go out criticizing other people if she finds something illogical. Will have a tendency to help people but that is only because she really doesn’t like “chaos” so to speak. 

Hello. :) Thank you for sharing about Ame. That’s an interesting name; I like it. I find it difficult to write about alters that aren’t as well-known on the inside. They may front or try to front, but you don’t have a clear image of them as a person. It’s good to get these things down in writing so that a more detailed picture comes together. I hope they can find things they like/like to do, instead of just things they don’t like!


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@themarvelousmadmadammim - Thank you. That makes me feel a bit better. Obviously it’s not practical to let everyone introduce themselves all the time or openly talk about who is out, but it seems I need to let them express themselves more. 

@themarvelousmadmadammim - Thank you. That makes me feel a bit better. Obviously it’s not practical to let everyone introduce themselves all the time or openly talk about who is out, but it seems I need to let them express themselves more. 

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About the Alters: Nik

is it okay if i let the alter fill out his own info??

1. Name: nikolai (i prefer nik, nikkie is okay too, but you can really call me whatever!)

2. Age: 20
3. Gender: male
4. Sexual orientation: pan
5. Function within the system: deals with minor conflicts/acts as a shield when host just needs to hide for a bit :)
6. Appearance (describe or use celebrity/fictional character): spiky blonde hair, warm brown eyes, often found wearing a gray hoodie and green glasses, along with a shark tooth necklace :D
7. Hobbies/interests: i like video games a lot! music is also a big one; i’ll listen to a lot of things! c:
8. Dislikes: jerks, asparagus, call of duty games
9. Favorite music: anything within the range of rap, rock, pop, alternative, techno, you name it!
10. Other interesting facts: i’m generally the friendly one in the system. if there’s someone who needs someone easy to get along with, my host comes to me :)
11. Something that happens often when this person fronts: macklemore starts playing. almost every time. my host is so sick of fronting then having to change to her music XD

Hello Nik. It’s nice to meet you :) I don’t like jerks or asparagus either haha. I’ve never played call of duty though. 

Submit the above survey about your alter(s)! 

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Oh, look at that. The original isn’t the only one who can log into someone else’s Tumblr. 

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snowythegryph submitted: Here is a link to the photo of Alex (Tumblr is being a butt about putting the photo in) :/ I hope this will work for you!

»Cool!! Sorry for the confusion; I shouldn’t have assumed the alter you submitted was the same as your avatar. Thanks for sharing this pic. It’s awesome!

Also, to answer your question when I messaged you from my main blog: I have seen several systems here on Tumblr that have MANY animal alters. It’s definitely not an odd or unusual thing. Your system is created for whatever best suits you. 

I can’t personally think of any predominantly animal alter systems off the top of my head, but I have seen them in discussion on Tumblr. If you search “animal alters” in the tumblr tags you will find some good blogs (or type in the tag search bar #dissociative identity disorder #animal alters, or just #dissociative identity disorder #animals). I did something similar to look up a supernatural type alter.

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I think my alters would like to start “coming out” more. Meaning, they want to be identified individually more often? That seems dangerous though. The jury’s still out.

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needed to distract myself from stomach cramps so I took a selfie. you´re welcome.

This is what you look like????? You’re fucking adorable!!


needed to distract myself from stomach cramps so I took a selfie. you´re welcome.

This is what you look like????? You’re fucking adorable!!

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About the Alters: Fang Parker

This is Rachel (the host) and Fang was the one that wanted to be wrote about so here goes
Name: Fang Parker
Age: 19
Gender: female/male she switches a bit back and forth but mostly always female.
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Function within the system: protector/comforter
Appearance: black emo style hair with purple and blue. Brown eyes. Pale skin. Russian.
Hobbies/interests: fire. Protecting loved ones. Making fun of my boyfriend. Likes my boyfriend. Knifes. Holding her daughter (another alter named angel) being motherly. Being bitchy. Likes alter named Shy because they are together.
Dislikes: when people mess with her friends or family. The sound of metal against metal. Her triggers. When people are idiots. Homophobes.
Favorite music: rock/metal
Other facts: she tried to only show her happy side on tumblr and facebook unless one of you guys are getting insulted , then she fights for you. if she likes you then she will be there for you. She is afraid to show emotions.
Things that happen when she fronts: well people are either happy or laughing when I come back out or they look like they just lost an argument or they look insulted…

Thank you for telling us about Fang, Rachel. She seems like a very complex, dynamic person. She has a lot of contrast to her personality, and I’m sure that has gotten her into trouble or rubbed people the wrong way before. But people aren’t always so black and white. Sometimes there’s a little gray in there—or full-blown color. ;)