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Impulses and destructive urges are rising…

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why do I get the feeling lately that it’s all just so fake and made up

I think this is absolutely normal. I don´t know any DID system that doesn´t feel fake sometimes. Also applies to, like, eating-disorders or whatever.

I mean this doesn´t really help you right now, but you´re not alone in this. And I think feeling fake is a pretty huge sign that it´s not fake. idk if that makes sense.

*hugs if you want*

Oh, you’re such a beautiful person. This made me feel wonderful, even though you didn’t think it would help. You’re one of my favorite DID blogs. It means a lot for you to take the time to respond. :)

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why do I get the feeling lately that it’s all just so fake and made up

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I feel really left out of the Tumblr DID community sometimes. Even though my blog is fairly successful, I see how everyone else interacts and makes friends. Some individuals in particular that really annoy me. And I don’t get how they do it. Is it because this account isn’t a main one? I try my best to message people and interact, and I just don’t feel the love or establish the friendships the way I see it happening elsewhere. I feel so lonely. What am I doing wrong? :/

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For some reason
I thought you could save me.
I put you on a pedestal and
Called you “perfect.”
But that wasn’t you
And I’m the only one
To blame for my disappointment.

-m.g. (via free—spirit—plus—tax)

queendopamine: this blog is actually for you. Every bit of it was written just for you. 

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This blog does kick ass. So much relevance.

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"Multiple personalities aren’t a real thing"

You’re right. They are alters. And it’s called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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Not remembering that you sent an email to a friend with date-specific information on hanging out, completely forgetting any information about upcoming appointments except that they exist, and struggling to recall the specifics of a conversation you had earlier that day—just another day of dissociation.

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interna-lumo said:

Hi, I run a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with every mental health related issues like self harm, eating disorders or relationship, gender and sexuality issues. We created a live chat and have dozens of pages. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather than this (my personal) Thanks in advance, Storm.

Sure thing, Storm! I will follow you from my main account.

Posting here for my followers: It’s a really good advice blog!

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Paranoid that my system might be influenced by what I read online, and that I won’t really figure out my alters or their story. maybe im just fabricating a lot of it. Not going to read anything DID related online for awhile. May take a break from tumblr. I have to shut everything out for awhile so I know which voices are coming from where.

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Switchy, dazed, floating through the day. Thoughts and feelings keep surfacing and bouncing around regarding the ones inside, but my mind is too frantic to sort it out. I feel like I should try to write things down and make sense of it all but I’m too restless and unfocused.

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When there’s heavy switching during a bad day


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Somedays, the best you can do is just wake up.

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Seeing what an alter wrote, accomplished, or did in a specific skillset and wondering how they did it

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The child needs nurturing. The rogue wants everything but needs to eat. The dominatrix wants and needs to do her job well. The vampire needs to feel power over others that I can’t get in reality. And the spell-flinger is an attempt to pretend that power is mine.
13, The Sorceress (msladyfey), on why the system split into parts.    
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If anyone needs to vent or rant, let’s trade stories. We can have a Vent-Off. I’m here for your online internet friend needs. :)